The Goal of All Life is Death California based visual artist Lisa Talbot conceptualized this experiential interactive art installation based on the power of sound. There is always an Operator who settles the participant into a comfortable position, following which heavy pulsating frequencies are emitted into the chamber. Participants are provided with acoustic protection and a button to press when they are ready to emerge. Most participants reported states of euphoria, serenity and calmness upon exiting the chamber. Others had heightened states of adrenaline or anxiety. The participant's resulting emotional state was directly correlated to the difference in Hertz (Hz) of the tones being emitted at any given point in time.

The sound design for this piece was themed around a meta-diegetic concept spanning the journey between death and rebirth as described by The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Detailed descriptions of various emotional and mental states encountered were mapped and designed into aural tapestries built of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Infrasound frequencies. These were constructed into a half hour loop; a sonic recreation of the various Bardos or realms as described in the text.



category: art installation
credits: sound designer